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Our History

The Climate Route is the result of the friendship of the four founders Alberto, Andrea, Giorgio and Luca. Aware of the environmental impacts caused by climate change and faced with the latest environmental disaster in Siberia in 2020, where 20,000 cubic metres of diesel fuel were poured into the Ambaranaya River due to thawing permafrost, they decided to set up this project to raise awareness in Italy about climate change in the Arctic, with the aim of demonstrating that the effects of climate change do not only affect Arctic but also non-Arctic communities.

What we do

Expeditions in Italy

The Climate Route organises three summer expeditions with the aim of showing the effects of climate change on the Italian territory.

Summer 2021: Sicily – Casentino Forests – Storm Vaia

Popular articles

In order to explain the different aspects of the climate and environmental crisis, our volunteers propose informative articles on environmental and sustainability issues, suitable for everyone.


Public online events organised with the aim of raising awareness and engaging the public on environmental and sustainability issues and the effects of the climate crisis.

The BIG expedition

An on-the-road trip from Italy to the Bering Strait to meet local people and see first-hand the damage caused by climate change. We will tell you about it as if you were with us.

The Team

The association of The Climate Route APS is made up of volunteers who, driven by a desire to raise awareness and provide for a more sustainable world, have come together to create this project. Each member is crucial to the realisation of the expedition and the project itself, and in order to better organise the project, four subgroups composed of people with knowledge of the subject have been created.

Scientific Group

The aim is to raise awareness among the Italian population with ‘hard data and concrete examples’. Every action has an impact both on our lives and on our planet. For this reason, the Group studies and analyses what happens in the world in a critical and rational manner. 

Communication Group

The Climate Route is a project for everyone, no one excluded. “It is not possible not to communicate”. The Group plays a key role: conveying messages in a simple way, using digital and non-digital media, through a clear and effective communication strategy.

Logistics Group

“Coordination and synchronisation’ is the motto of the Logistics Group. The aim is to ensure that the whole project is effective and efficient in every respect: from defining the working method to creating the schedule. It is their job to get us to Bering and back.

Financing Group

The Funding Group seeks and recovers funds to finance the project and aims to guarantee the entire life of the project. In addition, it is responsible for identifying potential partnerships with companies and foundations, carrying out fundraising campaigns and opening crowfunding (soon).

Our mission and approach

The project aims to bring the public closer to the effects of climate change through an expedition from Italy to the Bering Strait that will collect as many testimonies as possible, so as to encourage the public to understand the extent and complexity of the climate challenge and demand more efficient action towards environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

Although awareness of climate change has increased dramatically in recent years, not least due to the global strikes against climate change, and a number of initiatives have been launched by governors both locally and globally, the challenge is more complex every day and the timer to the point of no return for the planet is approaching zero.

Through scientific dissemination involving the widest possible audience, The Climate Route aims to raise awareness among the Italian population on the effects of climate change, through different means and modes of dissemination (social media, television, streaming) in order to involve and be accessible to all. 

As secondary objectives, The Climate Route aims to facilitate intra- and extra-European cooperation: thanks to an appropriate narrative style, it will try to highlight any cultural differences and similarities with the countries crossed. An attempt will be made to convey the idea that the climate crisis is a global challenge that must unite peoples and communities.

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