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Climate change will affect everyone’s life. Help us to make as many people as possible aware of it AND change their habits.

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Would you like to work with us as a volunteer and help raise awareness of the effects of the environmental crisis we are experiencing? 

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bank account: The Climate Route APS
Banca Etica
IBAN IT 60 Y 05018 02400 000016983454

If you donate by bank transfer, please remember to enter your full address and e-mail address in the space reserved for the purpose of the transfer. This will allow us to thank you for your valuable support.
Or write them in an email to donate@theclimateroute.org

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Are you a company?

The Climate Route is looking for companies that are looking in the same direction as it is, in order to build together shared paths that lead to strong partnerships. Together we will carry out the Climate Change Expedition with a simultaneous focus on the company’s objectives and our mission, designing a CRM (cause related marketing) communication. Social business projects are based on shared values: supporting the project, spreading a culture of climate change, raising awareness of a shared responsibility among one’s network of stakeholders. Partnerships are a strategic corporate choice that continuously improves and enhances relations with key stakeholders.

Contact us to build a true partnership together: partnership@theclimateroute.org

Our Partners & Sponsors

Partner di FAO
Mountain Partnership di FAO
Sponsor Marco Polo fornirà le cartine dettagliate per la spedizione
Aurora Vision
frida Università degli Studi di Torino
IT.A.CÀ Festival del turismo responsabile
All 4 Climate Italy 2021
All 4 Climate Italy 2021

Tax benefits

The Third Sector Reform (L. 106/2016) provides new, more advantageous rules for supporters of Associations of Social Promotion (APS) such as The Climate Route as long as traceable forms of payment are used and receipts are kept: bank transfers, credit cards, paypal, bank drafts.

Cash donations and membership fees are excluded from tax benefits.

For individuals

There are two types of tax relief for donations by natural persons. Individuals can choose between
– deduct the amount at 30 % (for a maximum of 30,000 euro donation) or
– deduct the amount donated without absolute limit but within 10% of the total declared income.

We recommend that you consult an accountant when choosing between deductions and allowances. Generally speaking, for average incomes it is more convenient to deduct.  If a deduction is applied, it will be possible for the taxpayer to carry over the unused part of the deduction to future declarations.

For businesses

Companies may deduct the amount donated without an absolute limit, but within 10% of the total declared income. Also within the 10% limit, if the deduction exceeds the value of the total declared income net of other deductions, the unused portion of the deduction may be carried forward in subsequent returns, up to the fourth subsequent tax period (e.g. a donation made in 2018 may even be discounted until 2023).